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Valleyfield Bowling Club
A Hearty Welcome to Anybody in the Local West Fife Area Who Has an Interest in Lawn Bowling

Club Values

Club Values


Our mission is to provide life skills and equal opportunities to all members of the local community through a fun and inclusive community sports programme, and to create a working model that can deliver maximum value to many people with minimum resources bringing together local businesses, clubs, schools, and community councils by inspiring new connections and relationships.



To increase awareness of lawn bowls to the residents of Valleyfield and its environs, and to encourage increased participation by all.

To provide opportunities for the development of people in the community through involvement and participation in lawn bowls.

To provide opportunities to enable the already active to be more so, and the inactive to become active through participation in lawn bowls.

To place Valleyfield Bowling Club at the heart of its community through the medium of recreational sport and physical activity by participation in lawn bowls.



The Club will operate as a non-profit distributing charity whose principal objectives are :

The provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities or activities are primarily intended, and only in relation to recreational facilities or activities which are available to members of the public at large.

To advance the education of children, young people and adults through the provision of coaching opportunities to engage in the study, practice and teaching of all aspects of Bowls to develop their spiritual, mental and physical capacities and will enable them to improve the conditions of life.

To foster the advancement of Health through public participation in Bowls as a sport (and ‘sport’ means sport which involves physical skill and exertion).

To support, where possible, underprivileged children and youths, to participate in the amateur sport of Bowls by fostering a community spirit for the achievement of these and such other similar purposes as may by law be deemed to be charitable and to further the development of the public’s appreciation of Bowls



 Valleyfield Bowling Club is an SOIC registered charity SC048527 registered on: 9th July 2018. The copyright in this website and the material on this website is owned by Valleyfield Bowling Club. 
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